An app to build healthier habits

An insurance company in the US wanted to find a way to help their clients’ employees to better understand their finances and improve their decision-making. The product needed to provide employers important information about their employees’ financial wellness, and give them the ability to recommend insurance products based upon user needs.

As part of a team of designers and behavioural scientists, I researched, designed and iterated upon the core proposition that aimed to generate behavioural change and habit building in users. This required rounds of remote testing to investigate a number of approaches to forming good financial habits for users, and to get to the core of what would make users want to return to the app. We also ran co-creation sessions with the client to build out something that would solve both business and user problems.


The MVP release used the user’s emotional state to recommended short, achieveable challenges that built positive habits for users, regardless of their financial situation. The product is now in private beta.

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