A little bit about me

I’m a product designer that loves complex problems and beautifully simple solutions.

I nerd out on products that do what users want and then get the hell out the way. I also strongly believe that taking the ego out of design is a necessary step to creating truly user-centric products.

I currently work at Oliver Wyman Digital as a Design Lead. I’ve been lucky enough to work on projects across the world, creating products for Ugandan businesspeople, thrifty Londoners, and German energy traders, for companies such as Barclays, RBS, Metlife and Omorovicza.

Right now I’m learning more about:

   🇴 Object-oriented UX

   🔗 Webflow

   ⚙️ Systems thinking

In my spare time, I’m currently enjoying:

   🏃 Running (training for a half marathon)

   🥟 Cooking (very spicy Chinese food)

   🗺️ Maps (staring at them longingly)

I also love teaching: I’m an Instructor Associate at General Assembly and have given presentations at TechCircus and Founders & Coders.

Like what you’ve heard? Let’s grab a coffee.