A little bit about me

I’m a product designer that loves complex problems and beautifully simple solutions.

I nerd out on products that do what users want and then get the hell out the way. I also strongly believe that taking the ego out of design is a necessary step to creating truly user-centric products.

I’ve created products for a range of users including thrifty Londoners, Ugandan businesspeople, and German energy traders, for companies such as Barclays, RBS, Metlife and Omorovicza. Most recently, I was a Senior Product Designer at Booking.com.

Right now I’m learning more about:

🇴 Object-oriented UX

🔗 Webflow

⚙️ Systems thinking

In my spare time, I’m currently enjoying:

🧗‍♂️ Climbing (despite a debilitating fear of heights)

🥟 Cooking (mainly very spicy Chinese food)

🗺️ Maps (just really big on maps)

I also love teaching: I’ve been an Instructor Associate at General Assembly and have given presentations at TechCircus and Founders & Coders.

Like what you’ve heard? Let’s talk.