Using data to give users better sustainable transport options

At, I used user testing, data and analytics to lead a design overhaul of a growing area of the product. is one of Europe’s largest tech firms, with a range of products including hotel booking, car hire, insurance, and on-demand taxi. I worked in one of the newest product areas - helping customers travel to and from the airport, by train, bus and other forms of public transport.

By running a number of usability tests on the current state screens and analysing behavioural data, I identified a number of problems to solve in order to improve usability and increase bookings. From these insights, I designed a vision for the product as well as a refreshed version of the screens to release on the app that would test some of these hypotheses.


The refreshed screens were released to app users and not only scored highly in usability tests but improved a number of desired customer behaviour metrics. I created a roadmap for the web experience to gradually align to the product vision, progressively adding elements so that we could measure the performance of each individual change to the interface. Additionally, the overall Public Transport design vision was approved and integrated with the wider product vision.

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