Bringing transparency to African banking

For an African bank with presence in 17 African countries, I helped build a greenfield corporate banking platform that gave businesspeople faster, easier and more transparent way to access banking services.

Going from idea to a product in the hands of customers in 14 weeks, I completely redesigned the way that the bank’s clients applied for and received transaction products, focussing on creating a system that solved a number of key problems that people were experiencing. I led a design team of four as we undertook user interviews on the ground in Uganda, workshopped and tested solutions, designed the responsive PWA and managed delivery with the development team.


By adding transparency and clarity to the process, the MVP was able to reduce lead times on applications from 2–3 days down to less than an hour. Thanks to extremely strong feedback from users, the product was iterated upon and rolled out in other markets - I spent a total of 18 months building out the platform. In 2019, the product won the Innovation in Digital Banking Award by The Banker.

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